Thursday Snippets

Things may be a bit sporadic here over the next few days as my sister and brother-in-law are visiting with us from Melbourne. Posting will continue but may be a little irregular.

Look what they bought with them – new toy for me!!

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  1. Have fun with the camera.

    The US regulations testing is not only a cost issue, it’s also a timing issue. For any specific model, the gevernment requires production-quality vehicles with modifications for testing. Generally, aftermarket players like Hirsch develop product after a delay of a few months after the launch of a new product. So, the modified platform would be ready sometime in the middle of the first model year for testing at the earliest. Testing will take a few months, and then certification for sale some additional time. Then Saab/Hirsch have to launch the product in the market and stock the dealer shelves. My guess is that any modifications package would lag at least 1.5 and perhaps 2 years on a four-year design cycle vehicle. That’s the reality of the market here, and it’s unfortunate.

    But, hey, it’s just the air quality!

    And why again was Kyoto so hard on the Americans?

  2. Ahh yes, the vector-spec combis. You read it first here folks and Swade & I’ll be taking credit for that little piece of agitation.

    All in our minds of course but it costs nothing to dream.

  3. Too right, Pete!

    Best bit of kit they’ve had in ages. If they don’t publicise the bejeezus out of it then it’ll almost be a hangable offence.

    Great car the Combi, finally getting the donk it deserves.

  4. Don’t forget that even the Linear combi will get a proper engine (well same engine, different code). That will also kick ass in class.

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