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I’ve received a couple of emails about the family that went missing in the NW United States whilst driving their 2005 Saab 9-2x. I hadn’t publicised it here as I didn’t really think it would help, but as a postscript to the story I’m pleased to pass on that it appears that the mother and two daughters have been found.

They were involved in an accident, quite possibly snow-related I’d say.

Whilst the mother and kids seem to be safe now, there’s still grave concerns for the dad, James Kim, who left on foot two days ago to go and get help.

Please continue to pray for his safety and that he’ll be found soon.

The search website is here.


I wrote a few days ago on South African Michele Lupini’s tilt at the Bosal Cars in Action Tarmac Rally, which was held last weekend.

News has been slow filtering through, but it seems it wasn’t a good weekend. Lupini’s turbo blew after just four laps of the first stage (though he was flying through it).

There is a new photo though, so that makes it worthwhile….



It’s always an eye-opener if you see Saab involved in a law case.

“Saab vs Home Depot” popped up in one of my RSS feeds – it was a case mentioned on a law blog.

I immediately had visions of a crammed 9-5 Wagon as part of the Saab Vs ad campaign of a few years ago (they actually did a load-carrying Saab Vs ad – Saab vs The Purchase).

It turns out the Saab in this instance was an individual with a very cool surname.


Best comment of 2006:

From ctm in response to my writings about Saab not being aggressive enough with the press amongst the barrage of press about German manufacturers:

If Audi would develop a trash can, they would write about it on the front page having all sorts of praise for it.

Hilarious! And quite true.

And by the way, Volkswagen recently did a sled, covered by Autoblog, but I guess sleds are acceptably cooler than trash cans.

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  1. Does everyone see that griffen on the back? I know they used to sell those decal looking things for Saabs but I can’t find them anymore. They’re not as cheesy as that one, but black and some other color.

  2. oh my god i love you swade! I looked all over elkparts i culdve sworn i saw them there once upon a time!

    I don’t have a viggen, yet, but I might buy a pair anyways. I’ve spent many whole days looking for these stickers online. Thank you very much.

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