Uh Oh, Viggen broke

UPDATE below


Still enjoying a visit with my family, but this happened today.

– left turn, facing uphill, give it a little


– back off, car goes smooth

– give it a little bit up the hill, approach 4K rpm


– ease it up the hill, get it home (500 meters)

– have a look: fluid of some description has run down my left front wheel and is lining the wheel arch. Something has popped, methinks.



The family have now jumped on a plane back to Melbourne. We had a great time and between the new HDV camera they brought over and the Mac we were even able to make a DVD of their visit. I love my Mac.

Thanks to all concerned for your thoughts and prognostications about the state of the Viggen. My mechanic, Steve E, was able to pop over this morning and take a look at it (it’s Sunday – how’s that for service?).

It turns out that my left front shock absorber, rather than die a slow graceful death as most shock absorbers do, decided to do a Kurt Cobain and end it all in one shot.

It’s a bad time of year for such things and I really can’t afford it, but I’ll be calling Swedish Prestige in Melbourne tomorrow and ordering some Konis to match the ones I put on the rear of the Viggen earlier this year.

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  1. Sorry mate, its sounds expensive. You best check the splines on the inner drive shaft power take off union.Sounds like a disintergration to me.

    Thats what methinks for what its worth. Hope I am wrong- usually am…

    Heres hoping for you.

  2. Swade, you say ‘left turn, facing uphill, give it a little’ …giving it how much, exactly? A little or a lot of a little?

    I recall that VBH kept popping driveshafts out of an Aston Martin because she had a fair amount of lock on the steering wheel before she floored it. She popped the driveshaft out about three times, and each time the Aston dealer came out in his helicopter with a mechanic, sorry, I mean ‘technician’, to fix it. In the end they told her not to floor the throttle with the steering wheel on lock.

    I wonder if something similar has happened here …except for the helicopter bit, of course?

  3. Saab should totally have a super hero “technician” that flies to your Saab when you’re in trouble. They might need a seperate one for the ’03 9-3s though. D:

    Sorry to hear your Viggen is sick. Should we send cards? 😀

  4. Sorry to hear bout the car m8.
    Sounds like your L/F outer c.v joint is not happy Jan.
    Is the fluid greasy or more fluid than grease?
    Possibly your c.v boot has popped off at some point and the joint has been filled with water and road grime.Nice
    P.S sorry i dont have a chopper!!

  5. Ugh, sorry to hear that mate ! My day is ruined even when I get a “check engine light” flashing 🙁

    Hope it won’t be too expensive. Glad to help pass a coffee can around TrollhattanSaab for donations if you want 😀

  6. When you have your Viggen in at the doctor Tuesday, be careful not to sideswipe an old blue 900T if you decide to ‘give it a bit’ on the way out.

  7. Swade, I’m really sorry to hear about the problems with your beautiful Viggen. Best of luck to you and your car from Norway! 🙂

  8. Sounds like a shock has blown to me. Either that or your leftie who wasn’t impressed about being given away has given up the ghost….

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