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Posting is going to be sporadic here and lighter than usual. This is due to some very tight pre-Christmas work deadlines and a new puppy named Charli, who doesn’t seem to care about this website no matter how I try to explain it to her.


Ovolv will be getting a DSG-style gearbox late next year, with a reputed 10% boost in fuel economy to boot.

There has been some talk that the next 9-5 will also have a gearbox of this type, but the latest mail I have on the 9-5 is that it’s not going to rear it’s head until 2009/2010. It looks like Saab will be relying on the updated MY2008 9-3 and the new 9-4x to carry the brand until this time. I haven’t heard anything about a DSG box in these models, but you never know.


Is there some renewed hope for the Saab plant at Trollhattan?

This is from an article at Automotive News Europe:

General Motors Europe has pledged not to outsource production of its Opel, Vauxhall or Saab brands from existing plants until the 2012 model year, the carmaker’s European works council said on Tuesday.

“This commitment from General Motors Europe means we have been able to counter the constant fear that jobs will be shifted from the West to the East,” works council head Klaus Franz said in a statement.

There’s no word if this applies to deals that were already struck, such as the Saabs-being-built-in-Russelsheim deal from last year. I’m about to email Saab and try to find out.

Hopefully we can take it at face value that the 9-3 and 9-5 will continue to be built in Trollhattan for some time.


The Million-mile story is now on Edmunds Inside Line as well as appearing on the front page of Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.


Andy Rupert has a silent 900 turbo. I seem to recall a silver 900 turbo here in Australia with similar characteristics, though it’d act like it was travelling at warp speed.

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  1. hey swadey… yep that pic of the speedo you refer to was actually a pic of the silver sled I took when driving 80km/h (on the trip to Tasmania for the National event) and the speedo showed over 240km/h! haha!

    I would dig it up and post the link – it is on but that site appears to be down for the moment!


  2. I asked a Saab mechanic about the problem and he suggested checking the cable connection to the back of the speedo. Apparently, if it’s only clipped on one side, it will develop that problem. But I’m afraid I’ll have to take classes on becoming a contortionist before my hand will reach through the speaker hole in the dash.

  3. No new 9-5 til 2009/2010!!! What is GM thinking, the current car is a dog (viually at least) and isnt even remotely competitive in its segment? I am beginning to seriously think that GM wants rid of Saab or worse, they are looking to kill the brand. I recall GM wanted sales at 200000 cars by 2006 but we are looking at flat sales figures since the late 1980s.

    It looks like GM has lost its interest in Saab and news like this proves it. Hell, they are spending all kinds of money on Saturn but I guess you cant blame them. Saabs image has diminished since the heydays of the 1980s and I guess they are beginning to think throwing good money after bad isnt such a good idea. Sad but I hate to say true. 🙁

    If Saab dies there is always BMW which is my second fave car.

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