Welcome Malaysia!

I got an email from Zal in Malaysia today.

There must be something about December; the end of the year and the reflective mood that it puts people in. Christmas (for those that celebrate it) can also be a reason. Whatever it is, I’ve had a bunch of emails this week from people looking to say how much they’ve appreciated the site and the work done to keep it going.

I’d just like to say that it’s my pleasure. Thanks to all of you for visiting, sending your pictures, sharing your enthusiasm, sending me links and stories about how much you enjoy your Saabs. It’s been a joy and an honour to serve up a site that’s been so enthusiastically embraced and seen as providing some value to the wider Saab Community and the brand as a whole.

This year I’ve corresponded with people from Russia, Sweden, the USA, England, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Korea, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Namibia and probably a bunch more places that are eluding me right now (it’s 12.51 a.m and I’ve just been to see Casino Royale – forgive my mental blank).

Saabs really are loved the world over for their spirit and unique set of brilliant all-round driving characteristics.

Malaysia’s one place I hadn’t heard from before today. I’ve reported on some news articles from there, but never figured there’d be a Saab community hanging out there. Well, there is – and what else would they be driving?


No, not apples. At the heart of just about any Saab community is someone with a classic Saab 900.

This is, rightly enough, the apple of Zal’s eye. He calls this one the black arrow and he’s a lucky man, as he has another one like it that he calls the silver arrow. Indeed, he’s a very lucky man as he also has a wife that loves Saabs too. One each!

Malaysia even has an online Saab Community, called Mytrolls. Their link is on the sidebar, so if you’re in the region and looking for some Saab fans in Malaysia, now you know where to go.


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