60th Anniversary Microsite

Spotted via Etienne through a post at SaabCentral.


Saab have launched a 60th Anniversary Microsite to celebrate some of the milestone achievements, a look at the present with the Anniversary line of vehicles as well as looking at the future with BioPower, the BioPower Hybrid and the Aero-X.

It’s a great looking site and if it gets around then it’ll definitely create a positive vibe around the anniversary and the brand in general.

There’s plenty of info there, including video clips, audio clips (check out 1959!), written info and some great imagery. The site takes the form of a timeline and as you move from era to era you get a new set of innovations and developments to look at.

A fantastic promotion and I’m lobbing it in right now with the rest of Saab’s Microsites.

Nice to see the Move Your Mind tag being used, too

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