A little more on those 9-1 pics

Last night I showed you all the latest cover of Tekniks Varld magazine, featuring some renderings of a possible Saab 9-1.


An interesting side note has popped up with regard to this.

Now, I’m quite sure that they’re renderings rather than photographs of an actual vehicle. But the interesting thing is the licence plate on the car.

Martin N writes:

In Sweden we can check up any car in the Car Registry on-line.

I typed in the licence plate on Teknikens Värld’s 9-1 pics, and it turns out that the plates belong to a Saab test vehicle!

So it might not be a photshopped pic (but still might… of course)!

Some facts from the database on “XUS091”:

Make: Saab (this line NORMALLY states model as well – not this time)
Model year: 2007 (“stated by the manufacturer”)
Colour: dark grey
Owner: Saab
Status: removed from traffic
First registration: 2006-04-18
Body type: “Öppet (02)” This might mean both “open/convertible” and “any type”.

On the “additional info” page we find the words “PROVBIL” – test car. So it has been used in traffic.

If it is just the plates from an existing Saab model, maybe someone can try these figures:

Power: 184 kW
Tire dimension rear: 215/55 R16 93V
Total Weight: 2080 kg (1730 kg)
Length: 465 cm
Width: 177 cm
Fuel: petrol

Or maybe Saab has a bunch of generic plates they can use? Has anyone seen these plates in other pics?

So, has anyone seen this plate on another photo of a test mule or something? Do Saab have a stock of generic plates they can use for test vehicles, or do tey have to undergo a new registration every time a new test car hits the road?

Any information on the processes here may be helpful.

And WOW! 184kW in that little body?

Sign me up!


UPDATE on the UPDATE – I’m freaking embarrassed. It’s a 9-3x, but it was too early in the morning for me and I didn’t check properly. We’re all human I guess.


via ctm and the iSaab forum, another image featuring a lot of 9x cues. I’m loving this one!


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  1. This thing is a behemoth!!! 1730/2070kg. Either number is heavy as h-e-(double hockey stick)…

    I’d put those 9x wheels on this car once I purchased one.

  2. Its interesting that the last digits of the plate are 91. A strange coincidence if it was a plate from some other Saab test mule vehicle.

  3. Great sleuthing!!!

    Again, I point out the fact that Lutz drew a very close copy of this car in his ‘what a Saab should look like’. I think there’s a bit of truth coming out in his sketch.

  4. Swade, I think the car in your update is just the 9-3X, so it’s a picture, not a rendering of a 9-1. As ctm noticed, the 9-3X probably is the base for the Teknikens Varld rendering so that’s why it is a blend of Michael Mauer and the newer Aero X design.

  5. You’re totally correct. I’s the 9-3x. I should never post early in the morning.

    When I saw it I thought 9x and just checked it against that. I even saw the 9-3x folder and then neglected to open it.

    Well, if they made it as the 9-3x that would be the bonus of the century. Not likely to happen, but boy it’d be good.

  6. Its Butt-ugly. It doesn’t follow any new trends in automotive styling. What a let down mate. Why is it so that they think that the black out A-pillar is a breakthrough.
    When is Saab ever gonna learn???????

  7. I don’t think that Saab show’s his hand by so obvious usage of a licence plate on a test car… as far as I know car manufacturers usually rather try to hide their new models until the last some month before issue than use a “talking” licence plate during testing…
    IMHO it isn’t a real car.

  8. I don’t think this has anything to do with a new 9-3 model. Isn’t it so that this years 9-3 will have an external facelift and options for 4WD? I think these renderings are to much for an external facelift on the existing 9-3, this must be a new car.
    And I like it alot! I hope we will see something close to this in the future. Thank God that SAAB ain’t following all the boring trends out there. Remember; it is only the dead fish floating with the masses downstream ;/).
    My guess is that this is more a 9-1 derived from 9X. Way to go SAAB!

  9. Wasn’t it Teknikens Värld who half a year ago (or so) had pics of the “new 9-5” – which was basically a very poor Photoshop-job based on an Alfa?

    I think this is the same. The smaller Saab is now confirmed. Our own Swade got that from directly in Sweden, remember? So why not start the year by selling an issue with the claim that they now know something about it – and doing it by taking an earlier concept and Photoshop it a little to be on the safe side since they probably don’t have any inside info at all.

    Just my 2 cents… But anyhow. That concept is a great one, and I personally hope that the new smaller Saab *is* based ont that. 🙂

  10. If there are any Saab execs out there- build this car (9-3X) and I will buy one. I have an older 9-3 coupe and have wanted an allrounder for the longest time from Saab. the 9-3 sedan, boooooorrrring!

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