Aero-X: loud ‘n proud

I received this pic from Saab USA and thought you all might like to see it.

This is the entrance to the GM part of the show (i.e. perhaps the biggest car show in the world in terms of sheer size). As you can see, the Aero-X is standing front and centre, which is a pretty decent compliment for a little Swedish outfit and it’s awesome concept car.

Click to enlarge.


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  1. I seem to recall that before Cadillac’s renaissance (or some people prefer to call it a cash infusion), GM showed it’s concept car at the time “front and center”. I really hope the extra billion dollars GM just announced they’re going to spend on product goes to Saab.

  2. I hope this foreshadows some investment in Saab.

    Of all the GM brands, Saab is the one that has some real upside room to grow. Most people don’t know about Saab, so Saab marketing does not run into preconceived notions that are a barrier to sales (E.g., Buick – for old people; Pontiac – plastic, tacky ersatz sports cars; etc.) And Saab for the most part escape the general “GM sucks” body of opinion (again, mostly because of low awareness).

    In someways, Saab’s current position is comparable to where BMW was in the early ’70’s — a niche European performance brand that few people knew about. And BMW managed to grow out of that niche very nicely.

    Build it, and they will come.

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