AM&S – where’s the love?

There was a time not so long ago (up to an hour or so ago, in fact) where the normal course of events would be that I’d hear about an article in Auto Motor and Sport, scramble to get a translation, either via software or a gracious Swede willing to help, and then report their article on this website.

Now, it seems the reverse is happening and they’re getting their Saab articles from Trollhattan Saab.

The article reproduced below (AMS original found here) is a Swedish version of the MY2008 9-3 mumblings article I published earlier today.

The only problem is, when I quote from AMS I give them a link in order to properly attribute the source. I don’t see no reciprocal linkage here. As Kramer once said so eloquently – “manners are the glue of good society”.

And ctm, who provide the initial translation for me, should be sending them an invoice at whatever the going rate is per word for articles in the Swedish press.

So good morning to AMS, good morning to Jay, Jonathon and maybe even Jan-Ake.

And of course, good morning to you!


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  1. Hello swade,
    if you would accept this invitation( of course also a question of your time and money for flight and residence )you would come to the origin of our passions concerning Saab. We would surely participate by your informations in this weblog about all the Saab matters you would get by the Saab officials.
    This would be very interesting for the curious Saab community.

  2. C´mon Swade there is only a few similarities between AMS´s article and your MY2008 9-3 mumblings…
    actually they refere to differnt forums on the web…anyway i will sign up for: “Swade to Sweden 2007″…

  3. If enough of us posted a small enough amount by prior agreement to said numbers, we could get the Swade to Sweden – couldn’t we…

    Lets see, 50 people giving 20 quid each pays for an airline ticket, as does 100 people paying a tenner pounds sterling each..

    Come on lads, old Swade would never ask for himself, nor blow his own ear trumpet- who will join me in a pledge – a -thon?

    I will put dosh where my mouth is- anyone else game?
    Not a silly amount, just 50 people pledging a few squid would get the old bloke there…

  4. The AMS article appeared only hours after Swade’s posting. But some of the info on the open forum has been there for them to read for over a month. I just call it lazy journalism. 🙂

  5. And I think Saab Automobile PR dept. should at least pay for his airline ticket to Sweden and back, and give him a special tour of the factory.

  6. Swade,

    I am also for the “Swade to Sweden” campaign, but I also need to be present in Sweden to blog about your presence and the Saab Festival itself.

    I am in the same boat Swade.

  7. Thanks for the thoughts, Lance, but my conscience wouldn’t cope.

    If Saab wanted to shout me a trip then that’d be fine, but you blokes should save your dough and make sure you’re all there yourselves.

  8. Swade,

    I’d ask for a kind donation for the next video on the site to be converted, in exchange for me providing you a donation for the trip, but then it would be a wash, right?

    I hope we all can make it to the Saab Festival nonetheless.

  9. Swade, there is nothing wrong with us sponsoring your trip to the Vikings!

    My wife works for the airline industry and usually has a buddy ticket system. If you are really serious, we can tap into this resource and add you onto the list for 2007.

  10. Man.. I’m glad I was checking this site in class this morning!! 😛 … Tell me the US Dollar equivalent and I’m in on the pledge, regardless of how humble the might Swade is!!

  11. The whole article i based on what is said on

    there some people that works in the Trollhattan plant and probably retailers postin stuff there. Most of the interesting stuff ends upp here to and vice versa. Im lucky to know both langauges…

  12. I said Swade would never accept it thru blowing his own trumpet- which he does not do.

    So, sod you mate I am sending you some dosh equivilent to your PO Box and don’t argue. It will be a sensible, non charity, non-embarrassing amount.

    Done. Do not protest.
    Its a thanks for the site present.

    Anyone else feel like joining me?

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