Another TS Brisbane Video

UPDATE: A few people have written in via comments and email saying “they’re cupholders, not bottle holders – use as intended”. Fair enough, but…..

1) it wasn’t that big a bottle.
2) Saab supplied them in the vehicles
3) ‘cupholders’ – are we really just using cups here?


It’s near enough to 3.15am here and this will therefore be the last video of the day.

In this instalment, we take a quick look at a few of the vehicles that were there for the road drive. Richo and I do a quick critique of the 9-3’s cupholder and then we check out the Aussie version of the Saab Performance Team.

Enjoy! I’m off to bed. Next time I’m tempted to do “just one more video”, somebody please slap me!


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  1. come on give it a chance, its a cup holder not a bottle holder, if it was a bottle holder they would have called it a bottle holder, its for cups

  2. Lol! Love the pan from Holden Performance Driving Centre to the golf cart:>)

    Couple of things though being the owner of a 9-5 wagon. The 9-3 combi looks superb but the rear seats being unable to lie perfectly flat is an oversight. If you’re going for a wagon it needs to be as practical as possible. The cupholder in the 9-5 works far better, appears to be stronger and has less of a greyhound out of the box deployment. Little things like that matter and make a difference.

  3. I’m betting you went off course in the Worst Driving Ever video because you were playing with the cup holder–didn’t look like you were going all that fast, not for an experienced Viggen driver;-)

  4. What about the cupholder in the space behind the handbrake (in the roller-shutter-covered space). I have found this holds bottles well (as long as you don’t want to do things like change gear or pull the handbrake on).

  5. Weighing in with my first comment of the year…

    The cupholder holds a large McCafe take-away cup perfectly and securely. On top of which the cardboard heat-shield that often comes with these cups is gripped nicely and therefore stays in the holder when you remove the drink and provides a nice smooth return of the cup to the holder.

    Bottles go in the console holder. End of story.

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