Aussie Saab Sales – December 06

It’s very disappointing to have to report another down month here in Australia.

Saab Australia managed 101 sales in December 2006, compared with 144 in the same month one year earlier. That’s a fall of 29.9%.

Full-year sales finished up at 1,605, which was 95 units or 6.3% over the 1,510 units sold in 2005.


A sales rise is a sales rise and 2006 did see a 6.3% rise over 2005. But I know that Saab Oz will be scratching their heads about what to do.

Six months ago they were aiming at around 2,200 sales for the year. As little as three months ago they were a little short of the progress they needed to make that goal, but they were still 397 units ahead of the prior year’s numbers. For the last three months of 2006 they averaged around 100 less sales per month in comparison with 2005 – a worrying trend to say the least.

So, some tempered congratulations on the sales rise, but it’s going to have to be full-steam-ahead in order to meet the expectations they’ve placed on themselves. Hopefully the introduction of the diesel range in a few weeks time can be a factor in an improved 2007.

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  1. In a previous comment here i mentioned the smallness of the advert that Saab placed in the motoring liftout section of the Sydney Morning Herald which has a large circulation not just in Sydney but all through NSW. The last 3 weekends while other marques had full page ads with the xmas/new year pitch either selling off 2006 models or just wishing customers a happy xmas and generating some kind of profile Saab had no adverts whatsover. Nothing. So over the xmas holidays when people relax and read the paper back to front enjoying their break and maybe thinking that in the new year they might treat themselves to a new car, Saab didn’t exist. It’s madness. While other companies hit the ground running in the new year, Saab are stuck in a rut and GM-Holden who i’d assume hold the advertising purse strings seem more than content to keep them there. Talk about frustration.

    What good is a sales peak early in the year if dealership staff are left to spend the rest of the year twiddling their thumbs with a couple of sales per week per dealership. Talk about demoralising.

  2. Yeah Paul. It’s disheartening.

    The diesel and BioPower launches are in 2 weeks time and whilst the diesel should be a bonus, I’m hearing that there’s a few dealers scratching their heads about BioPower. They’re screaming for new product to sell and BioPower’s going to give them no edge at all.

    I could imagine the dealer’s sense of futility actually as they explain that the car’s capable of 70% less fossil fuel emissions, but it won’t happen here in Oz for some considerable time.

    Saab Oz have a budget for advertising and marketing so it’s up to them how they spend it. Holden can indirectly restrict certain things, but at the end of the day I believe it’s up to Saab how they spend their money.

  3. Wow. Again, I’m struck by how small Saab’s market share truly is. 1600 vehicles? A large percentage of auto dealers in the US exceed that number! Perhaps it’s that way in Australia as well.

  4. Eggsngrits, in a market that last year was 960,000 vehicles, Saab sold 1600. 0.2% I don’t want to see a Saab on every corner but i don’t believe the amount being sold makes Australian representation sustainable in the long term.

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