Australia Day!

I’d like to take a moment to wish all you Aussies a great Australia Day. Whack a chop on the barbie then sit back and enjoy the view. Once your gut’s settled, hang a flag out the window of your 900 and go do some blockies.

Here’s Keka’s 2007 Australia Day lamb ad. Not as good as the 2006 effort (below) but still OK nonetheless.

To anyone outside Australia who’ll click on these and wonder what the hell is going on, these ads are produced by the meat industry to promote eating more lamb. The guy speaking is a former footballer.


And the 2006 ad…


And if you enjoyed those (or even if you just mildly understood them) here’s a special one, done in 2005 as a Christmas message for the ad agency who produced the ads. Maybe there’s some tips in here.

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  1. Speakig of lambs… How is it going with the (what’s it called…) drought? Still no rain? It’s often in the news over here now.

    And what is “go do some blockies”? 🙂

  2. The drought is still pretty bad on the mainland. There’s been some recent hard rains in some areas, but what the need is some consistent rain in proper seasons, not 4 years of nothing then 2 years worth in a few days.

    A lot of farmers have sold off their stock early because they have no feed to keep the animals going.

    ‘Blockies’ are what teenage car nuts and other hoons in general do. i.e. drive their cars around the block over and over, showing off their car, inviting drag races, occasionally getting themselves in trouble.

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