Saab Australia offer for Diesel customers

My thanks to PT for sending this in.

He received it today from Saab Australia in response to his enquiry about the new Diesel range here in Australia.

As you can see, Saab Oz are providing a decent incentive to have a look at diesel with $3,000 worth of free fuel with each purchase from the new Saab TiD range up until March 31st.

There’s also an offer of a bonus $2,000 rebate on top of your Saab trade-in if you want to purchase something other than a diesel.

Here’s the letter Pete received:


Anyone got a mathematical brain and want to figure out how many kilometers you could travel in a 9-3 SportCombi TiD if the price of diesel is, say, $1.30 a litre and the diesel SportCombi uses the claimed 5.9 litres per 100 kms (combined cycle)?

I work it out to be about 39,000 kilometers.

My brain hurts.

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  1. Well according to my back-of-the-envelope maths its around 39000km. Happy to be corrected but if i’m right, thats about 2 years worth of fuel for the average driver. Only a year for a high-miler like me but still, certainly something to think about.

    Nice value-add without discounting the car.

  2. I think we were scribbling on envelopes at the same time, Pete, and then I updated the post. Good to see we had similar results, though.

    Either we’re both competent, or…..

  3. Swade,

    How excited are you about this entire event?

    How long were you in Brisbane?

    It all looks very fun and a once in a lifetime opportunity.

    Nice “Saab” polo, did that come with the gig?



  4. Hi Ryan,

    The event was great. Heaps of fun and very informative. I’ll be expanding on that in the next few days once the videos are edited and posted.

    I was in Brisbane for less than 24 hours, though I was away from Hobart for more than 24 hours. Creepy.

    The event went from 10 until 3 and I bussed out to the airport straight after.

    And the blue Saab shirt was a birthday gift about 7 or 8 years ago.

  5. Swade,

    Excellent to hear about it and glad you had a good time. Good driving if no one else thinks so, I bet you were nervous about spinning out or anything that you didn’t take the liberties you would if you owned one.

    I am jealous of your video camera, I got to get one of them one of these days, it’s getting quite ridiculous, it’s 2007 already.

  6. That’s very kind of you, but it was pretty bad driving, really. Didn’t wash off enough speed prior to the corner, had a bad turn-in and it just got worse from there.

    There were some ‘marbles’ on the outer edges of the track, which didn’t help, but I shouldn’t have been in them in the first place. I was only there because of bad prep leading up to the corner. Live and learn.

  7. I wish we had diesel Saabs here in the U.S. I work for Detroit Diesel and I don’t have much diesel choice at all. At least things will get better now that we have ultra low sulfur diesel fuel.

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