Back to some OG9-3 love

It’s been a tough month for model love. I feel like I haven’t done the NG900 and OG9-3 justice. There’s a number of reasons why I haven’t been able to cover these models in a manner they deserve, but the bottom line is that I haven’t done it. I’ll make up for it, though.

Until then, here’s some convertible 9-3 loving, and you’ll understand why when you see it!

This is Andreas’ 9-3 Convertible. It’s a 2001 model with some very tasty Hirsch modifications. You can see the gorgeous six-spoke rims and the lowered springs, but you can’t see the Stage 1 ECU mod. It’s also got a beautiful woodgrain interior, and has travelled less than 40,000km!

This is magnificent. Seeing all these 9-3s (and a few 900s) has really made me appreciate these models even more. It’s so great to see some others loving them as much as I love mine.




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