BioPower coming to the US

A few hours ago I wrote to SaabUSA, as follows:

Given that President Bush has just announced the intended increase in ethanol use in the United States (an increase to around five times the current level within 10 years), it seems an opportune time for Saab to introduce its BioPower lineup there and establish its place as a player in the alternative fuel vehicle market.

Is there a timetable for the BioPower release in the US that you can share with the wider Saab community?

I’ve just received a reply, as follows:

Steven – This sounds indeed very favorable for Saab. You can expect announcements later this year in relation to the start of Saab BioPower in the U.S.

Given that a company would rarely schedule an announcement about a product that isn’t happening, I’d be willing to bare my backside in the RenCen if Saab don’t announce a MY2008 (or earlier) debut for BioPower in the US.

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  1. Yes Biopower is coming to the USA, Saab bosses have said it long time ago and quotes can most likely be found on this very site.

    And like it was said then, it comes soon as legislation/technically possible.

  2. Interesting to note that there is not much talk of r e d u c i n g the overall fuel consupmtion, only to switch some of it with biofuel…

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