BioPower Hybrid podcast

Podtech, the same people that brought us the Aero-X interview with Brian Nesbitt, managed to corner him again during the Detroit Auto Show and ask him about the BioPower Hybrid Convertible.

Not that I want to come across as being too critical here, but after listening to this I had visions of a seeing-eye dog wearing a blindfold.


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  1. SHENANIGANS. The Prius may be an ugly car, but at least it’s distinctive; it says to the person at the stoplight, “this is what I’m all about.” I can agree that the Prius is not a beautiful car (it always looked like it had been designed by Maytag, to me) but at least it’s distinctive. SAABs are beautiful (unlike the Prius,) but (like the Prius) they’re supposed to be different too. It worries me to hear a GM manager contrasting Saab against the Prius, when it seems to me that vehicles as distinctive – vehicles that are as proud of who they are – as the Prius is are exactly what SAAB needs.

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