BioPower jet caught on tape

I mentioned the CarsGuide BioPower story a few hours ago, and one line that piqued my interest was as follows:

On the road, our test model made an unusually loud, jet-like sound, which apparently wasn’t supposed to happen.

I think the car in the video below might be the car they were referring to. I caught this briefly on camera as it sped down towards me prior to taking “Swade’s Corner” far more fluently than I did.

Born From Jets indeed, apparently.

The clip’s got the common YouTube sound-lag, but I can promise you 120% that the clip hasn’t been edited for sound. I’ll have a look at the original tape tomorrow and see if I can find the clip again as I think I have vision of it a little further away so you get more of a build up in the sound.

Anyway, enjoy!

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