Bond in an Aero-X?????

ctm’s drawn my attention to another poll.

It’s at Sweden’s Bilsport website and the poll seems to be asking readers which car James Bond should be driving in his next film(s).

One of the contenders in the poll is the Saab Aero-X. When I checked in on the results a few hours ago the poll was not-unexpectedly being led by the Aston Martin DBS, but the Aero-X was running a very commendable second place.


Click here to go make your selection from a decent bunch of automobiles.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the first relationship the Bond franchise has had with a Saab. In several Bond novels, 007 drove a classic 900 nicknamed the Silver Beast. Click here to read more about that car.


James says: Pick the Aero-X!

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  1. “the poll was not-unexpectedly being led by the Aston Martin DBS”

    When I checked just then the Aero-X is in first place.

    I wonder if polls that include a Saab will always be won by the Saab.

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