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UPDATE: I’m posting this one back at the top with an update as Michael Karesh, the guy behind TrueDelta, sent me some more information to fill out the story and correct an error that I made.

He writes:

You might want to correct one statement. I have over 100 Saabs among those 9,250 cars, they’re just spread over all models and model years so I don’t have enough of any specific model/model year to collect data on it. I have Saab owners in the panel, I’m just not collecting reliability data from them.

Two other surveys on the site require no minimum sample size, so panel members can participate in them right away. One collects fuel economy info. The other collects repair histories. The differences between the main survey and the Repair History Survey are discussed here:

I’d encourage anyone that feels so inclined to get involved as it’d be great to see Saab properly represented in this data.

The original post is below.


Consumer Reports publish regular figures on vehicle reliability and Saab regularly fare rather poorly in their publications. Whilst there are issues with Saab’s quality that need to be addressed, I’ve taken issue with Consumer Reports on these pages before due to what I believe is a lack of focus in their research.

Another point that I looked at some time ago is the validity of Consumer Reports data, which seems to be based on subjective questioning with answers that are often times immeasurable.

Well, here’s a chance for people that aren’t Consumer Reports subscribers to have their say about how their Saab treats them.

TrueDelta is a research house looking to compile data on vehicle reliability using statistical data from all-comers. As a contributor, you’ll receive free access to all the research data to help you if you’re looking to replace your car or add to your collection.

So what’s the Saab angle here?

Michael, the guy doing the research, has a panel of 9,250 vehicles on his books at the moment – but he doesn’t have ANY Saabs amongst them (corrected above). If you are US-based and can provide quarterly data on your Saab on a survey form that takes about 10 minutes to complete, the please consider signing up.

The True Delta website is here and you can peruse their FAQ section for the basics and then if you’re feeling so inclined, enrol to participate.

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