CarsGuide on the Aust BioPower launch

CarsGuide, the automotive arm of the Murdoch press here in Australia, have published their review article covering their day spent with the BioPower and Diesel Saabs.

Hopefully they do a separate follow-up article on the Diesel range as they’re only mentioned briefly at the end and I think the Diesel is the model with the greatest sales potential out of the two. It’s certainly a good enough vehicle to warrant its own review.

They appear to be positive towards the drive they had in the BioPower 9-5. An interesting point noted in the article is that they mention that the BioPower cars are available for order, with delivery expected in March or thereabouts. My distinct impression from the day is that Saab are introducing the cars with the intention of selling them if there’s sufficient interest.

I’ll try to straighten that one out.

CarsGuide attended the event the day before Richo and I did.

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