Come to Trollhattan

Ah, if only……..

The Saab Festival is on in Sweden in June 2007. It’s the 60th Anniversary festival so it should be an absolute hoot.

I’m devising devious and cunning plans in order to be able to get there and as part of my current enthusiasm for the whole shebang, I’ve downloaded and then uploaded the following video. For all of you who, like me, haven’t been there – here’s a little bit of Trollhattan.

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  1. Geez, I thought it’d be a real bummer to see that 9-3 Conv (and the girl) get crushed by Godzilla ……

    Very nice looking town. I never been to Northern Europe and the Scandinavian region, it’ll sure be great to be there someday.

  2. Hey Swade;
    It’s times like this that I wish you had a PayPal button on your site so I could send you a few dollars to help fund your trip. I was wishing the same thing when you needed to lay out big $$ to get the new shocks for the Viggen.
    Would you be opposed to having a way for us loyal readers to help out every once in a while? This site is more informative and entertaining than any magazine I subscribe to….

  3. It’s a bummer that the 9-3 convertible was getting crushed. Even more so cuz it was stick! The first thing I look at is the stick or knob in center console when i look in a car. Stick is an endangered species here in the US. It feels like it’ll be extinct soon.

  4. Kraig, thanks for the thought but I wouldn’t be comfortable accepting funds without providing something in return.

    I’m thinking of some TS products that might help raise some cash, though I don’t know if I’ll get time to put it all together.

  5. Swade, Nice. Maybe in the future I will help out.
    Looks like 2008 this may
    be on the hit list for International visits.
    How the HELL did you get yourself in the BAR SCENE around 2:45 in. Nice, surprized you did not put yourself in the 9-3 CV.
    Cheers mate. B šŸ˜‰

  6. hi Swade
    I think Kraig’s idea is a good one, i’d happily put a few pounds on paypal to go towards you going to sweden, you give us a lot of pleasure with your write-ups etc. on a differant note if it works out cheaper to fly to heathrow i’ll pick you up on route, i’ll be passing that way first thing friday morning. (are you getting my emails?) robin.

  7. Hey Steve
    Are you actually planning on going to Trollhattan? I am seriously thinking about joining Jeff and co. He said you may go too

    Call me on the mobile or send me an email

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