Cool Saab gear.

Via a thread at Saabcentral, I’ve come to note that SC member ‘Abdukted’ has got himself a web presence to sell his cool, original design Saab T-shirts, hoodies and accessories.

Collectively speaking it’s called Griffin Gear. They’re reasonably priced, reputed to be very good quality and the designs are pretty darn sensational. I reckon he’s got a winner on his hands.

Many of the T-shirts are limited editions in small (or very small) runs. Like this red “Addict” T-Shirt that’s being enjoyed by only 2 proud Saabisti.


That particular design’s available in greater numbers in the Swedish combination of blue shirt with yellow writing.

There’s also the classic turbo gauge in two variations and available in three different garment styles (Tee, hoodie and sweatshirt).


Make sure you check out the 99T “Turbo” T-shirt (only a few left) and the totally customisable OG9-3 shirt, on which you can pick your model, color, wheels…even your interior color.

Great stuff and a real nice piece of initiative.

There’s a few accessories as well; decals and gearstick tops, and though they’re a little pricier, they are limited run original designs.

The Viggen gearshift:

Totally cool, and here’s wishing Abdukted some sweet success with it all.

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  1. Thanks for the compliments and mention on your website, Swade!

    yes, the price is tied directly to the low volume in which these items are made, and also the fact I do this strictly as a fun Saab related hobby for now.

    So when can I get my car on SOTW? šŸ˜›

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