E85 gets Bush Push

In his State Of The Union address today, President Bush outlined a plan to increase the use of ethanol and other renewable fuels with the intention of reducing foreign oil dependancy and increasing the number of environmentally friendly vee-hickles.

President Bush set a target of 35 billion litres of renewable fuels by 2017, approximately five times the current level.

Given the major push that this will give to ethanol research, production and uptake, I’ve just sent the following email to Saab USA:

Given that President Bush has just announced the intended increase in ethanol use in the United States (an increase to around five times the current level within 10 years), it seems an opportune time for Saab to introduce its BioPower lineup there and establish its place as a player in the alternative fuel vehicle market.

Is there a timetable for the BioPower release in the US that you can share with the wider Saab community?

As soon as I have an answer, you’ll have it too.


As an aside, I wonder which website will be the first to publish stats on the number of standing O’s received during the speech and the relationship between the subject matter and the standing/sitting status of Dick Cheney and Nancy Pelosi.


As another aside, being a basketball fan I was chuffed to see Dikembe Motombo acknowledged, but O, how I wish he’s wagged his finger!


My guess on the BioPower question, above: MY2008.

If they are indeed going to bring an AWD and more powerful 9-3 range (read: 300hp) to market then the 9-5 is going to need something to keep its horsepower numbers at the top of the tree. The BioPower Beast concept topped out at 310hp. If they bring this to market then boy, those front wheels are going to get a workout!

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  1. The sooner the better for Biopower. I hate it when I check a green-car list (www.greenercars.com/gc.html) and see a 4.0L Toyota Tundra, but no Saabs. I can understand that they aren’t providing Biopower to Gargash Motors in Dubai, but they should be pushing it in the USA where GM claims to have over 2 million FlexFuel Vehicles on the road today in all 50 states.

  2. Too bad of all those cars in the US, in only the central US is ethanol readily available. I have a Flex-Fuel Explorer and don’t have a publicly accessible E85 station within 300 miles- a distance that hasn’t changed in the 4 years I’ve had the truck. I’ll believe this “Bush Push” when I see it. And I’m not holding my breath…!

  3. Agreed, Merkurwwu. I live in California and the closest station to me is 150 miles away. It’s the only station in California open to the public and has been for years.

    The excuse used to be that there wasn’t enough demand to justify installation of expensive new E85 pumps. Well, now that there are allegedly more than 2M flex-fuel vehicles on the road in the U.S. and the President is pushing for a drastic ethanol use increase there’s no longer an excuse for not installing more E85 pumps!

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