Finally! Some NG900 love!

The month of NG900 and OG9-3 love continues and finally we have a NG900 to ogle.

These pics were sent in by Jyri and not only do they show the first bit of NG900 loving, they’re also (I think) the first contributions to this site from Estonia!

The 900 in these pics is a 185bhp 900S from 1997, which Jyri has since sold in order to move into a 9-5.

The NG900 always looked a little plain to my eyes in it’s most common form – the basic 5door with standard rims. This 3-door with some uprated rims shows us that the NG900 can show some spunk as well.

Great stuff Jyri and thanks for sending in the pics.

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  1. It’s startling how good the OG9-3 looks with some of the later Saab wheels.

    I’ve seen the five-door 9-3 with the three-spoke 17″ Klingons from the ’00-’01 9-5 Aero’s, and it looked absolutely fabulous.

  2. It’s curious that everyone seems to think OG900s look better without the various types of 3-spoke wheels they came with.

    I think the 3-spoke wheels are as much of a Saab design element as the “hockey stick” c-pillar. They are unique to Saab, I don’t know of any other brand that has done them. The 3 spoke design is classic Saab, with design cues going back to the soccer-ball wheels.

    There is a general desire for new designs to be unique and “Saablike”, but then the general consensus seems to be the cars look better with BMW-ish 5 spokes, or Audi-like 7 spokes. The modern interpretations of the 3 spoke, like the 17” double 3 spoke Aero wheels, were great, and kept with classic Saab design.

  3. Working on some photos of my little 900 but in the meantime – the wheels…..

    I have what I believe is called a Viking Aero which is a threespoke in some classic Saab style. It doesn’t have a cover for the lug nuts ( which are black) which is one aspect that I think gives it more style than some other Aero styles. Its also got a pretty high quality finish ( all scratches aside) which comes up nicely when you get rid of the brake dust. They are only 15″s and this is perhaps why I would be tempted to say that newer wheels could improve the car. I’ve got Pirelli Dragons on which are a nice tyre but its that size factor which seems to improve the classic shape.

    THe other wheels that I have liked on the 900 – C & NG – are BBS with multiple spokes. Perhaps closer to the Audi style. I recently saw a 900S with wheels like this that had both BBS and SAAB logos on them. Was there a collaboration at some point? Nice wheels and the pick for either Gen 900 for me.

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