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Saab got a very brief mention in a recent edition of Auto Motor & Sport.

It was brief, but very interesting….

Opel Vectra will also have 4×4 in the next generation that goes in production in 2008. For the present model will the investment is too high. *But the platform-similar Saab 9-3 will have it from 2008, because it will be in production for another three years.*

First, more confirmation of the AWD 9-3 (though we were all 99.9% on that anyway).

Second, the three-year cycle for the model. I’m just hoping this doesn’t mean that Epsilon II, the base for the next 9-3 and supposedly the next 9-5 as well, won’t be this far away.

Thanks to Thomas.


Despite the scare stories I’ve heard, Koni front shocks are on the way. It was a price vs risk decision, which I’m hoping is going to work out OK.


Christer Fuglesang recently became Sweden’s first man in space.

Given that he rides in a Saab when he’s not riding in a space shuttle, Saab Sweden thought it appropriate to cash in and put this in the local newspapers. Click to enlarge.


From Mats: In the local paper this morning Saab had an add congratulating Fuglesang to his achievements in space and made a small note of that he, when on earth drive a vehicle that they hope offer a similar sort of thrill….or something like that…it was early and I was tired.

Tired or not, a great job. Thanks for the scan.


The 2007 Weblog Awards (The Bloggies) are open for nominations and not a motoring category to be seen.

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  1. I think, the new Vectra MY 2008 will use the Epsilon II platform, so the market introduction is not so far away. Auto, Motor and Sport also reported, that the new vectra will be shown as a concept car in March in Geneve (with a new model name). Perhaps we will get more information then about the used platform.

  2. Well… If they do a major face lift this summer *and* introduce AWD, then I find it hard to believe that it will be replaced with something new in just 1-2 years.

    9-3 is the newest of the models. Whitin the next three years, Saab will concentrate on the 9-4X, the 9-2, and the 9-5 (when that face lift is about 3 years old). After that, it’s time for the new 9-3.

  3. I’m awake now…

    “We’re proud that Christer Fuglesang privatly drives a new Saab 9-3 from ANA. At work he rides a different machine that’s said to offer a genuine driving experience.”

  4. Re: Bloggies

    Best European Weblog
    Weblogs from Europe, not including the United Kingdom and Ireland.

    Strange – last time I look, UK and Eire were part of Europe! đŸ˜‰

    I suggest that we vote for Swades’ weblog in this category:

    Best Topical Weblog
    Weblogs with a definite topic other than the ones in the categories above.

    …but I think I need to vote for three weblogs minimum :-/

  5. Unless I’m misinterpreting the timeline it looks as if the current Epsilon-based 9-3 will get a facelift (Aero-X “design language” or 9-5 refresh-esque Mauer design treatment?) and AWD offered as an option in MY2008 (starting sale later this year) and if it “will be in production for another three years” as the Auto Motor & Sport article indicates that says to me the next-gen Epsilon2-based 9-3 isn’t due out until 2010 as a 2011MY model. I think that’s further out than I’d heard before. Wasn’t production supposed to move to Russelsheim before then?

  6. Yes Gripen, production should move to Ruesselsheim, and I think it will move in 2010 or 2011 by introducing the Epsilon II based 9-3. They expect a good plant utilisation beginning in 2008 with the new Vectra, and if the Vectra will loose sales in the lifcycle, they will fill up with the 9-3 production. But that is what I think and expect, I have not further and sure information!

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