Friday Night Snippets

The most recent Pollhattan results are in:


Don’t pay too much attention to the questionable arithmetic. The margin’s clear enough to be unquestionable.

It’s an overwhelming vote for the NG900 label.

I’ve been using the GM900 label since Adam was wearing short pants. I don’t know why, in particular. But the model was introduced to me that way by someone so it’s been GM900 ever since. I’ve also come across a bunch of others doing the same, and I guess it subconsciously confirmed the name in my own mind.

The question was raised with me via a guy from Saab USA, which prompted the poll. The theory being that the NG900 was actually in planning as far back as about 1986, predating GM’s involvement with the company.

Consider my references to the GM900 a thing of the past. Ain’t democracy great?


I’m pleased to let you all know that a dealership in the US emailed me asking to get in touch with a regular here at TS.

I featured some photos of Ivan’s 9-3 as part of the NG900/OG9-3 month and the dealership was so taken with them that they’ve asked Ivan’s permission to use them, presumably on their website.

Congratulations Ivan!


Some slightly worrying correspondence as well:

I’ve been contacted by an automotive publication seeking permission to use the 9-5 cgi’s I posted yesterday so that they can give a “glimpse of the future”.

The permission isn’t mine to give, so I’ve forwarded the request on to the artist.

It’s a worry though, as I plastered the warning all over the website and in my return email to them – those photos were in no way official or sourced from Saab either directly or indirectly. They’re an enthusiast’s renderings only and therefore provide no verifiable glimpse into the future.

I’m sure you’ll spot them if they’re reproduced.


Peter Gilbert and his Saab 900 SPG at the Detroit Auto Show.

He looks like a proud Dad!

Photos picked up from Flickr (sorry, link lost and it’s too late at night for me to be bothered).




I’m not really one for blowing this websites trumpet, but it’s been an amazing week in terms of traffic and I think it’s significant enough to mention averages of 5,000+ pages served to 3,000+ individual visitors per day.

Saab – your ongoing interest is invited…..

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  1. Swade, can ju get statistics from what domains (and sub domains) your visitors are coming? Should be interesting to see that.

  2. Great job with the traffic Swade.

    Just shows you that the advice to find a niche that you can specialize in and do it well is good advice.

    Keep up the good work!

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