Global Sales Record in 2006

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As hoped and expected, Saab have indeed set a new company sales record in 2006, selling 133,137 units for the year.

The previous record sales number was 132,300 back in 2000.

Jan-Ake Jonsson said that they were hoping for something a bit higher, but will need new models to take the next step. As reported in The Local:

Saab Automobile achieved its best ever sales result in 2006. The year was tougher for Volvo, which sold fewer cars than in 2005.

Jan Åke Jonsson, CEO of Saab Automobile, had hoped to sell as many as 140,000 cars over the course of the year but eventually had to settle for 133,137.

“We had a 5.4 percent increase, selling 6,700 more cars than in 2005. So it is still the best result in Saab’s history,” Jonsson told news agency TT.

He is playing down expectations for 2007 and, due to uncertainty about developments on the Swedish, UK and US markets, is predicting a similar result to last year’s.

“We have two thirds of our volume there,” said Jonssson.

Having sold almost 11,000 9-5 Biopower cars in Sweden last year, Jonsson is expecting demand for environmentally friendly vehicles to remain high in 2007.

“We are currently working on a new engine for the 9-2, and of course we are also working on an engine for the 9-3,” he said.

Saab needs to continue increasing its range of models if it is to achieve greater volumes.

“We are working on the renewal and expansion of our programme. There will be plenty of surprises during the year,” said Jonsson.

“Plenty of surprises during the year.”

I like that!

Could this car under the covers at the factory be one of them?


And is that 9-2 reference a typo error by The Local or an accurate quote?

Questions will be asked…..


Congratulations to Saab for a great year.

You gave us the Aero-X, the BioPower Hybrid concept and an improved range of vehicles to drive, ogle, and purchase. That they moved in record numbers based on widespread geographical acceptance rather than having to rely on an improvement in one major market is an encouraging sign.

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  1. OMG! OMG! OMG! You can see the shape of the Aero-X rear deck on that covered up car, a very pronounced curve. You can clearly see the 9-3 hockeystick on it too. Must book flight for Sweden for the unveiling…

  2. I’m sure the 9-2 reference was a typo and he meant “9-5”. If you handwrite a “2” while taking notes quickly then transcribe it later you might mistake it for a “5”. If the columnist isn’t as familiar with SAAB’s lineup as we are it won’t seem wrong to him.

    This should be no surprise (that they’re working on a new engine for the 9-5). The 9-3 has a bigger engine available (the V6 2.8-liter) than the “flagship” 9-5 currently. They have to continue selling the current “refreshed” 9-5 for at least two more model years.

    Actually, it’s a bit surprising that they’re working on engines at all, to me. I thought they are just given a GM-global engine (Ecotec or Holden or whatever) and then optimize it with turbocharging.

    Could he be referring to SVC and/or SCC and/or plug-in hybrid? I sure hope so!

  3. Sorry about posting twice, but I forgot to address the car under the cover. Do we have any idea that car is anything special and not just some employee’s 9-3 Aero SS parked outside the loading dock or something?

    I don’t see either the Aero-X rear treatment nor the hockey stick you see, Carl. Were you joking?

  4. I’d think if they wanted to keep a car under wraps they’d put it in a garage. Likelier it’s an employee’s car.

  5. I think the car under the cover is not likely some new secret model or update, they’d be more secured I think.

    The 9-2 must be a typo, if they mean a new BioPower engine for the 9-5 (isn’t there a larger displacement version in the works than the 2.3 ?). If they’re referring to a brand NEW model 9-2, they wouldn’t even have said it like that, as the way Jan phrased it it’s implicit the model he actually said is one that already exists.

    Carl, easy on the hallucinagenics eh ? 😉

  6. Nah that’s how they cover secret stuff over at the factory. I’ve even met a car covered like that being driven from the factory over to the Technical Development area here in Trollhattan. They’d cut a small hole for the driver to look through.

  7. In an interview about Saab´s sales during 2006 with Jan-Åke Jonsson. Jan-Åke mentions that Saab is working on a new engine for a smaller car, which he refers to as 9-2. He also mentions that they are working with a new engine set for 9-3.
    That Saab is working on an ethanol engine is clear but it is not sure that it is that one Jonsson is referring to. They think they are doing some remodelling of GM:s new 1.6 liter turbo-engine with about 180 horsepower. It will debut in facelifted Opel Astra.

    The original source is the same as in the local. (TT)

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