GM unveiling plug-in hybrid at Detroit

On the GM Fastlane weblog, their head marketing honcho, Mark LaNeve promised the following….

On Sunday, Jan. 7, we’ve got something up our sleeve that we can’t talk about — yet. Suffice it to say that it’s a game-changing approach to automotive transportation that will eventually make trips to the gas station a lot less frequent and substantially less painful. This concept will make its world debut this Sunday, and we think you’ll find it as exciting and promising as we do.

And on Autoblog Green they’re telling us this:

So, we’re sitting on a few posts that we can’t show you just yet (soon, soon), but I can tell you this: GM’s new plug-in hybrid is called the Chevrolet Volt. Why can I say this already? Because the New York Times spilled the beans. They’re keeping most of the information under wraps – as requested by GM – but the name is loose. …….

Here’s what the Times says (the article is dated tomorrow, so “today” means Sunday):
Today, more than a century later, General Motors will unveil an electric concept car, the Chevrolet Volt, which has created the most buzz in advance of the show. G.M. says the Volt, a plug-in hybrid, could deliver the equivalent of 150 miles a gallon. The Volt thus promises – at least in theory, given that it could not be produced without a leap in battery technology – three times the mileage of a Toyota Prius.”


There’s a new plug-in hybrid concept coming from GM?

Once the embargo has lifted and we can study the car in a bit more detail I’ll be doing some comparison work between this new car and Saab’s Biopower Hybrid Concept, a car who’s plug-in capability was covered up at the last minute by GM prior to it’s debut at the Stockholm Motor Show in 2006.

Should be interesting….

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  1. With the innovations seemingly coming from Saab only to be implemented first in other GM ‘brands’, is The General in danger of killing the goose that lays the golden egg?

  2. Think GM has been very lucky. The Sthlm show was 8 months ago, and it is strange that no other company have presented a plug in prior to this. It creates a lot of buz – something that GM needs. Guess that business vice it makes sence to have the big brand present it.

    The important thing is that GM developes the technology and lets saab use it early – why not in the new 9-5? Think that GM have had lots of pation with SAAB, and I am looking forward to the upcoming year, with face lift of the 9-3, possibly a 9-4 cross over and maybe a small consept?


  3. It will be interesting to see the comparison.

    And, for the two previous posters, you’ve assumed the the Volt will be based upon the Saab technology. This may or may not be the truth. We will see.

  4. There is a short but interesting interview in Car Nov2006 where Rinaldo Rinolfi, Fiats engine guru, when asked about Hybrid says:

    “Hybrids should only be used if there is no other , cheaper way of making a petrol engine more efficient. Unfortunately for Toyota there is”

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