Hardcore…and back for more

Saab motor vehicles are different. They started doing them that way because they were focused around the driver, made from a driving perspective rather than a manufacturing perspective.

For this reason, many of us Saab owners get ‘into’ our cars a little more than your average motorist. A standard Saab delivers a much richer driving experience than most other standard, non-exotic cars. This tends to lead to a fair bit of brand loyalty. People willing to purchase a Saab again and again.

Now it’s one thing for me to choose to buy a Saab. I live in a medium size city where there’s a reasonable supply to chose from. If I were to buy new, there’s a Saab dealership just 15 minutes from my home and my non-genuine repairer is also just 15 minutes away.

It’d be another thing completely to choose Saab ownership when you have to travel a 4,000 kilometer round-trip to get it serviced!

I’ve written before about Danni. He lives in Namibia and pretty much epitomises Saab brand loyalty. Last year when I first featured Danni’s cars, he had two 9-5 Aeros. One red and one blue.

Well, the service trips haven’t deterred him as he’s now about to replace one of the 9-5’s with a brand new 2007 model. Changes to import tarriffs and the accumulation of some export credits in South Africa have made Saabs a lot more affordable.

There’s one problem Danni has to overcome before finally placing his order. Saab in southern Africa don’t want to offer a manual option. He’s arguing with them now about that one.

Here’s some pics from a recent trip he made into South Africa. Like I said – owning a Saab in these parts is a hardcore decision.

I think they should employ Danni to do extreme conditions testing for new Saabs!

Click the images to supersize.


Have a look at the landscape and take a moment to appreciate the effort that went into getting this shot – great stuff, Danni!



As you can see, the local conditions aren’t always that kind to the Saab’s low profile rubber.


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  1. Great stuff, Danni.

    Swade, I’ve always thought that the whole Saab thing was somewhat the other way around — someone that gets ‘into’ cars and really judges based on merit, not advertising, market share, what everyone else drives, etc. would find Saab appealing. Of course, once that initial attraction happens, then you’re ‘into’ Saabs!

  2. Unbelievable, Saab should get him into their ads with Danni telling why he loves Saabs so much, with clips of his Saab touring the roads in the background.

  3. Danni, you should try high performance snow tires on your cars. Sounds crazy I know but I got the idea from the Ferrari’s across China thing they did. they put snow tires on the cars for better traction and durability on rough roads. As we used to say, “keep on truckin”.

  4. Frank

    Never thought of that. Will try and report back. I recall seeing a similar article in the EVO magazine. The only glitch: the tire dealers in Namibia will probably think I am insane to request snow tires as we ain’t conversant with the word snow here, neither does it exist in our local languages.

  5. Danni, let me know how it goes. Can you order the tires from Europe and have them shipped? It will probably cost a fortune but it may save you money in the long run.

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