Hi. Back on deck

Hi all,

I’ve spent more time flying than I have driving in the last 36 hours, but it was all worth it.

The biggest discussion point?

– the BioPower?
– the Diesel?
– Australia’s first diesel convertible?
– me losing it on the track?
– Richo’s stunning work on the slalom course
– Richo’s work off-track (in both senses of the phrase)
– how bloody brilliant it was to get into a new 9-5 again

All these (but one) will be edited and posted, probably over the weekend.

Initial thoughts:

– BioPower sounds great and we even had a scientist from the CSIRO to confirm that it is a great net-benefit. You couldn’t tell anything from driving the cars though. But gee, wasn’t it great to be back behind a 9-5’s wheel again.

– the Diesels are sensational! Much better than I had envisaged. It’d be great if they revved a little more, but as a road car they are just superb. US readers, you are really missing something that’s worth having in this instance.

– having two giant rolls for lunch and looking like Ricky Gervais will be a laughing point for a little while, but respect can still be earned if you can drive.

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