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Hirsch Performance AG, the Saab-approved performance parts suppliers and tuners, have announced some new products for 2007.



Some diesel vehicles may need to be checked for particulate filter problems. There is a known issue where the self-cleaning particulate filter may not self-clean properly if only driven for short distances. The filter may become clogged and less effective.

This is for vehicles both with and without a Hirsch Performance upgrade.

Hirsch-quipped vehicle owners can get a software tweak for this that should address the problem. Owners should get in touch with their Hirsch contacts to get the fix.

I’d imagine non-Hirsch owners of affected vehilces should contact their dealers.


Hirsch have released a software upgrade for owners of 8v diesel Saabs.

The upgrade will improve the performance of the 8v diesel to 140hp and 310Nm, up 12% from the old measures (120hp and 280Nm).


The 16v TiD engine changed late in 2006 and Hirsch have programmed a software tweak for this engine too.

Maximum figures rise 12% to 175hp and 370Nm and the 0-100 sprint is now 2.2 seconds quicker at 8.8 seconds.


MY07 upgrades for both the Saab 9-5 (2.3T) and Saab 9-3 (2.0T) have now been confirmed and are available with the same final figures as the MY06 upgrades.


For more details, visit the Hirsch Performance AG website.

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