Hold on to your classics!

Some good news just emerged on the interwebs that confirms what a lot of you have probably thought for some time – classic Saabs are starting to be regarded as….classic Saabs.

It’s the 900 range that gets mentioned in this report and if you’ve got a late model Aero S (ok, they’re pretty rare) or a late model 900 convertible in good condition, then your values could be starting to rise.

I’ve been amazed at how cheap you can get a 900 convertible for here in Australia. If I had the room I’d almost be tempted.

Many older high-performance and prestige-brand cars are now fetching classic car prices, according to Glass’s Guides, as the internet has enabled sellers to make direct contact with potential buyers and for buyers to easily compare prices of similar cars.

Glass’s has identified a number of cars which have stopped going down in value as they age. Its top 10 modern classics are

Audi RS2,
Mercedes 190E 2.3/2.5 16v,
Porsche 911 Carrera (1974-89),
E30-series BMW M3 2.3,
the Toyota Corolla GT Coupe (1984-87),
Saab 900 LPT Aero S (1988-90),
Volkswagen Corrado VR6,
Ford Escort Cosworth 4WD,
Lancia Delta Integrale, and
Lotus Elan Turbo.

Glass’s goes on to predict a number of other cars ‘likely to become accepted as modern classics in the future. These include:

Jaguar XJS 4.0 (1991-95),
Ford Sierra XR4i,
Saab 900 Convertible (1991-93)
BMW Z3M Coupe,
Volvo C70 GT,
Nissan 200 SX Touring,
Mercedes-Benz E-Class Convertible,
Fiat Coupe Turbo,
Audi S2, and
Volkswagen Golf G60.

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  1. Andy,

    LPT = Low Pressure Turbo

    No intercooler, APC or boost gauge on dash. I don’t think this model was offered in Australia anyway, which makes me wonder why Glass’s (yes, that’s how it’s spelled!) even have it listed! As far as I know only ceratin european markets had the LPT, as the few late Aeros delivered to the Au market were all FPT’s.


  2. I have red 1988 900 Turbo convertible(that is my every day car) and black 1986 900 Turbo what I call James Bond edition.In fact I call all 1986 900 turbos that because that year James Bond changed his Bentley to 900 silver beast ;-). I will never sell them.

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