Housekeeping Part 1 – done

Have a look around.

It’s a slight re-design but I hope you’ll agree it looks a little cleaner, which is one of the Saab philosophical elements I wanted to adopt more into the presentation. Everything important is still there, but the buttons running the features such as podcast and video have been re-designed to blend in with the surroundings.

One requested function is giving me some trouble – the ability to get a monthly archive as a text file to save the loading time. Unfortunately I’m not a programmer and I can’t find a plug-in that’ll readily perform the function. (UPDATE: there’s some suggested workarounds in comments – thx to all)

I have, however, been able to remove one source of irritation – the ‘preview’ button on the comments page. No more comments disappearing into the wilderness because someone used the preview and couldn’t enter the passphrase.

The next phase of housekeeping involves some other design stuff and finally loading up the desktop wallpaper section.

Thanks for your patience this weekend.

Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Buttons now much better at top of dashboard.

    Crisper – just needs some chrome trim around the edges mate- a la revised interiors.

    What about a close up shot for the header of the Saab aeroplane logo as printed on the 9000 and later model specal edition leather seats?

  2. Swade,

    Maybe having the archive divided into weeks instead of month would be a solution? The downside is the number of links in the sidebar… A solution to that is to have the latest 10 weeks as archive links, and the rest in a link called “older”, which in turn links to a page with links to older weeks.

    Ah well, I think you can come up with something. But it’s not a big problem really, so don’t put to much energy into it. đŸ™‚

    Another thing a thought about now… How about having ads on one side (right side) of the blog content, and your site links on the other side (left side)? Now it’s sometime hard to find your links. Maybe have some clearer graphics to mark the section with ads?
    Or maybe put ads on a different background color of the page?

    Just some thoughts…

  3. What I was supposed to say (but forgot) was, that this site has such a wealth of info about Saab. News, reviews, pictures, videos, stories from Saab owners around the world and so on. It would be a shame if people missed all that. This site do more to promote the Saab way of life then any other Saab site I have seen – and that including Saab Automobiles official Saab sites. It really tells that the brand is alive!

  4. I’m feeling really lazy this morning, so let me just say “ditto” to ctm’s last comment above.
    And, by the way Swade, I didn’t buy that Viggen I asked about earlier, but you helped keep Saab in my blood, and I’m taking Amtrak up to Rockford, Illinois this Friday to pick up a 2004 Arc 5-speed with 33,500 miles on it, merlot red, parchment interior. Would have preferred laser red but, buying used, it’s hard to get exactly what you want. Anyway, after many years, I’ll finally be back into a Saab! My wife’s only comment was “So, does this mean you’ll no longer be spending all your time looking at Saabs on the internet?” My response: “Nope.”

  5. if people really want to save a month at a time, just use the rss feeds, I have stuff saved from last september in there, and its much easier to search that way.

  6. Congratulations, Ted! Enjoy the drive home and let us know how it goes.

    ctm. I hope the suggestions above help. I wish I’d known about them myself but I have tunnel vision when it comes to these things.

    Thanks folks.

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