Hungarian OG 9-3 love

The GM900 and OG9-3 month continues…..

Ivan’s a frequent commenter here at TS, also going by the nom-de-blog of MuzX. This is his 9-3.

He writes the following:

I’ve shot some photos of my Saab today evening. Unfortunately, the winter tyres and steel wheels with hubcaps are used so they are not so nice like the original Saab alloy wheels what I use in more warm weather.

The car is a MY2001 9-3 SE (HOT). I’ve bought it form the chairman of the Hungarian 9-3/9-5 club.

Mileage: 75,640 miles

Performance: 240 HP/360 Nm

– Nordic Custom Stage1 software
– Viggen clutch set
– Monroe Reflex dampers
– Taliaferro upgraded steering rack brace and clamp
– Taliaferro upgraded rear antiroll-bar
– Front brakes: ATE Powerdisc, Rear brakes: Viggen
– Powerflex front bushing
– Beige leather Interior came from a US model
– Upgraded center sliding armrest and console
– Saab sport leather steering wheel

I love this car!

And I can see why!

Some great photography here folks, which is why I’ve included it in the Saab O The Week section as well.

Thanks, Ivan, for sending these in. The 9-3 and GM900 truly is a genuine Saab classic and is underappreciated as such.

Click on any of the pics to enlarge.







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