Interview with Brian Nesbitt

The following podcast is from PodTech, who were lucky enough to get a berth at the Detroit Auto Show courtesy of General Motors. During their stay they got access to various GM corporate identities to talk about the cars at the show.

In this podcast, PodTech staffer Matt Kelly has a chat with Brian Nesbitt, who’s the Executive Director for GM Europe Design. They talk at length about the Saab Aero-X concept and the design process (of both the Aero-X, and in general).

It’s recommended listening.

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  1. When Brian Nesbitt refers to

    “We try to bring back heritage all the way back to the NINE ZERO”, what is he referring to?

    Is it me, or have I not been brought up to speed with a “9-0”, alternatively the “90” pronounced NINETY was done just after the 99 for only a few years and that wasn’t a LONG time ago as Mr. Nesbitt eludes to as being “all the way back”.

    If someone could help clarify, that would be terrific.

  2. Yeah – I heard that, too.

    Saab projects 90 and 91 were aircraft. Saab 92 that’s ninety-two and NOT nine-two), the UrSaab, (was the prototype Saab. But even that did not have the wraparound windscreen.

    Here’s hoping that future Saabs will not just be other GM products with a new nose and the ignition in the centre.

  3. Saab 90 was a bastard. The front end of a 99 and the back end of a 2-door 900. Ugly. Maybe he mean with nine zero that they go back to the begining.

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