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Race Teknik is the supporters group for JL Racing, based in Ontario, Canada.


Last year I provided regular coverage of Swede Team Motor’s racing season, something I’m definitely hoping to continue this year.

In addition, I’m hoping to cover JL racing’s season, too. Their schedule for 2007 isn’t available yet, but you can get a look at the car and the tracks they race on if you go visit the Race Teknik site.

JL Racing is a Canadian race team, sponsored by Saab Canada and racing in the Canadian Automobile Sport Clubs (CASC) Ontario Touring Car GT Series. In 2007 they’ll be running a pair of 9-3 Sport Sedans with 2.0HOT engines tuned to put out over 250hp.


JL Racing started in 2000 and has grown into a factory-backed team with major sponsorship coming from Saab Canada. The JL race cars are actually at the Saab stand at the Montreal Auto Show right now (for another day or so).

JL Racing enjoyed some great racing in 2006, with numerous podium finishes and first-placings in the first and last weekends of the season.

It’s going to be exciting for me to be able to provide some coverage, and here’s to another successful racing season in 2007. Motorsport is the cradle for vehicle development and the more Saab are involved in it at all levels, the better.

If you go to the Race Teknik site, you can sign up to receive a regular newsletter to follow their progress. If you’re a Canadian resident, you’ll even get a JL Racing Race Kit sent to your local Saab dealer for you to pick up.

I’ve ordered mine to go to Lansowne Saab in Vancouver if anyone can swing past and pick it up for me 😉


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