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Observant visitors to this site may have noted that a comment was removed this morning.

I did this after consultation with Saab as the comment contained internal information that was intended for the recipients’ eyes only. Whilst I love receiving such stuff via email as it gives me a sound basis for writing articles for this site, I do try and treat such information with the required sensitivity (believe it or not).

I won’t repeat the content of that comment explicitly, but given that some people did get to read it and that it will quite possibly pop up in other forums soon, what I can do is encourage all visitors and readers of this site to keep your eye on the 9-3 SS MY2008 category.

It tells the truth.

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  1. Makes no sense to delete something after it has been posted – enough people read it anyways. Do you want to be an independent blog Saab fans love or an official blog cum Saab PR Web?

    (Don’t mean to sound harsh, Swade, but that’s the feeling I’m getting from the text above.)

  2. No apology necessary Kroum. Those that saw it, saw it. Despite my acquiecence to Saab’s wishes in this instance I don’t think anyone’s going to question my independence and willingness to express an opinion.

    As I said above, I do try and treat the info I receive with some sensitivity. There’s a bigger picture in play other than just getting some copy for the website. This was internal corporate info and I’m still managing to enjoy a good relationship with Saab, so I respected their wish to remove it.

    The details included there weren’t particularly relevant to this site in any case. The bit that was relevant and most important is contained in the post – i.e. tacit confirmation that the info contained in the MY2008 category is basically accurate and an AWD 9-3 will come to market for MY2008.

  3. Probably a little affected posting my first message – I just hate how somebody could interfere with an independently-run website, be it Saab HQ or the Pope doesn’t matter.

    Your work is greatly appreciated, Swade. Hell, for all you know I am already saving towards my Black Turbo – thanks to you and this very website.

  4. The Black Turbo really intrigues me. Sedan, or 3-door coupe? (dare I utter the magic Saab words, 3-door hatch?). All done in the new style of the ’08 9-3, with a lot of Aero X influence. This potentially could be an incredibly hot car.

    I wonder: What would a black Aero X look like?

    A modest request: Could someone more skilled than I doing a Photoshop mock-up of a black Aero X ?

    A less modest request: can someone Photoshop a black 9-3 SportCombi, done up in the Aero X theme, rendered as a three-door hatch?

    I’ve been holding out for the next 9-5 for my next big Saab purchase. But this Black Turbo has the potential to be utterly irresistable.

  5. I did see that comment last night but I didn’t really read it… But when I get back home I guess I’m gonna “work a little offline” on my Internet Explorer and read it once more! 😀

  6. The interesting thing is that Saab really scan this site every day. 🙂

    Anyway, I think Swade did the right thing to remove it. I shows he is serious about his site. And he still is a totally independent blogger.

  7. Its a good thing that Saab looks at these pages if they do for the right reason. To get the feeling what Saab-fans think and like. Because here you get more honest answer than you get in an survey.

  8. I hate time differences!
    Missed the whole thing!
    Black Turbo Combi hmmm, then ad a little genhirelkabbpfsbsr tuning and WHAM 400bhp supersled with fuel milage of a Honda Civic! I will never be late to an appointment or maybe have greater excuses NOT to go to the appointments. 😉

  9. The cool thing is that by asking Swade to remove the comment, Saab more or less confirmed the information! I look forward to the updated 9-3!!:p

  10. Good move Swade. No sense getting SAAB mad at you. I would have at least ASKED for a free pass to the 9-3 unveiling. Expenses paid of course

  11. A coupe would be way too much to ask for, I think. It’s be absolutely awesome, but I can’t see it happening. But it would be Oh, so good if it did.

    To straighten the record a little: Whilst GM people do look at this site and would have come accross the comment in quick time, the contact over this issue was initiated by me wanting to confirm that the information contained in the comment was in fact, genuine. A standard procedure with something of that nature.

  12. aggre. Send swade to trollis.

    No reason to put to info out that could hurt saab. think the readers of this blog have a quite good opinion re what is going on, and we do not have to spread info that could hurt the brand. If info gets out too much in advance of the release there will be no buzz…

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