Monday Night Snippets

If things seem a bit slower around here, it’s because they are.

We currently have my in-laws staying with us, visiting from Vancouver for about 4 weeks. Hence the slower posting rate, and slower response rate to emails. I am getting everything – I promise. I just can’t respond as quickly or as often as I’d like.


At the start of 2007 I posted a story about Saab’s new global sales record. In this story, which was initially published by online Swedish news resource, The Local, they had Jan-Ake Jonsson quoted as follows:

“We are currently working on a new engine for the 9-2, and of course we are also working on an engine for the 9-3,” he said.

This 9-2 talk certainly got some tongues wagging.

I wondered about whether it was accurate or a typographical error and enquired of Saab Sweden. The following response came in today:

I am also surprised by the text in this article. I assume that this is just a missprinting/missunderstanding or both. As always you should not believe everything you hear or read…..

…..Our official answer, which I know Jan Åke keeps saying, is:

‘Yes, we do have in our programme, a smaller car than the Saab 9-3. We are for the time being not giving further comments on name, details or timing.’

So now you know.


Another email from a Trollhattan regular confirming what we think so far about the Black Turbo project.

Apparantly it’s the code name for the all brand new Aero Version that is due to be released this summer with AWD and a V6 TwinTurbo Biopower engine.

There is also some other news on the diesel front. Saab is to release a high performance diesel with approx 180 hp and around 400 Nm of torque. This engine is also a twin turbo as far as I found out…

There’s a heck of a lot of companies coming out with turbo applications now. Does anyone else think Saab should have some sort of acknowledgment of their turbocharged history in every ad?

Turbocharged since ’77 or something similar. Just a thought.

(thanks T)


This guy did the European Delivery thing and seems pretty darn pleased with the results. He even started a blog about it.

He’s currently back in the US awaiting final delivery of his new 93 Convertible and let’s hope things go as smoothly there as they did in Europe.

If I was in the US I wouldn’t buy my new Saab any other way.


Arriving via post today – a pair of Koni adjustable front shock absorbers for my Viggen.

It will be a full month tomorrow since the left-front shock absorber burst and left us as a one-car family, so I can’t wait to get it on the road again. Unfortunately I am going to have to wait though, as I can’t get them fitted until Thursday (and no, I’m too dumb to fit them myself).

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  1. You’re not too dumb to fit shocks, believe me. However, they are a PAIN unless you have a lift and plenty of power tools. So, you are actually smart enough to save yourself the grief!!

  2. I just can’t wait to see those twin-turbo bmw 335s broken down on the side of the turbo. I keep thinking of what happened last time bmw trying turbo…

    Psycho Dave,

    Haha. I like those rims, and i’m glad you didn’t end up with the v6.

  3. Black Turbo, AWD with twin-turbo 2.8L V6 ?!? That’ll kick some M3/S4 butt, hehehe. THIS summer as in 2007 ? Wow. Hip hip hooray to Trollhattan’s skunk works !!

  4. OMG!!!!! My prayers, dreams and fantasies have been answered! Twin-turbo and AWD, now if only GM will give it to ok and the interior to compete.

    I’ll have my order form ready if so!!

  5. Sorry for the double post… but I just thought of something…

    What’s the chance of getting this, production version “Black Turbo,” on Top Gear, of Clarkson liking it and of us here in the US of seeing that ep?

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