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A very smart looking 2007 desktop calendar recently landed in my mailbox and has made it’s way to….my desk top (i.e. my real life actual desk top in my office).

Thanks to TS supporters, Elkparts, for sending it on. You can get yours from Elkparts by clicking here and ordering one. It’s quite a smart little piece with plenty of the usual high quality Saab imagery and at only GBP5.99 it’s a cheaper than many other methods one might employ to get a date!



A quick perusal of the Elkparts site shows a couple of new and interesting developments:


1) Elkparts and the GES AudioTroll
Elkparts are now the exclusive UK distributors for the AudioTroll system (iPod integration for the og9-3 and 9-5), which I understand to still be in pre-order mode whilst some supplier issues are getting sorted.

If you’re wondering why I haven’t covered much of the AudioTroll system recently, this is the reason why. I’m waiting for production to get underway and you can be sure I’ll be letting everyone know when that is. It’s a fantastic development for us og9-3 and 9-5 owners and I’m hoping the current obstacles are overcome sooner rather than later.

Elkparts have posted that delivery is expected on March 30 and are taking pre-orders now with no payment processed until the unit is despatched.

The AudioTroll is designed by Granite Embedded Systems in the US.


2) Old School USB
You can get a Saab 96 USB drive. Coooooool!

There’s a choice between 512mb and 1Gb models (should they be advertised as 2-stroke and V4??)



The AWD version of the Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan is keenly anticipated by most Saab enthusiasts. Personally, I can’t wait.

There are some, though, that don’t think it’s necessary in real world driving and think that Saab may be wasting some time and money going into the segment. I tend to disagree, but that’s what model variations are for – so that everyone can get what they want.

I’ve mentioned Michael Karesh and his TrueDelta site recently. He’s the guy collecting real world reliability data from various motorists.

He’s now attached a blog to the site and I’d recommend that all those interested in motoring development and reliability go take a look. It’s very new and there’s only a handful of posts so far, but it’s very well written and raises some good points.

The latest post is about winter vs all-season tyres and finishes up with a quick look at the merits of AWD vs FWD.

Again, I’d also encourage any US Saab owners to consider participating in his data collection process too. It’s fairly simple and will help get some good real-world Saab data included in his research.


I don’t normally cover any Saab aviation stuff here, but if you’re into Flight Simulator 2004 (which I’m not) then you may be interested in this freeware expansion module for the J35 Draken.

Just passing it on.

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  1. About AWD: here in Hungary I live 20 km-s from our office, in a small village at the other side of the Buda district mountain. I drive daily bases on winding slopes through the forest. At winter, after snowing usually it takes 4-5 hours for the authorities to clean the roads.
    Normally I need 20-30 minutes to reach the office but in the mentioned conditions it can be even 1 and a half hours! Sometimes I even couldn’t reach the top of some high slopes.
    Also in rainy weather there is much more safe to drive on this roads by AWD.
    So, I definitely need AWD.
    Of course, I can live without it, just like I did in the last 6 years, but it would be a great improvement in safety and utility.

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