More on that strange 99

I posted a picture of this Saab 99 in my snippets entry a few days ago. It seems my Swedish isn’t anywhere near as good as I thought because I got a few things wrong.

Luckily, Lennart has emailed me a translation of the actual ad, so now we can all get up to speed on the real details of the car.

First, that curiosity-inspiring picture again:


And now for the tranlsation. As mentioned previously, the car is for sale in Sweden and the online ad is here.

Gearbox: manual


Now my pearl is going to be sold, because lack of time.
It’s a 1970 year model (in Sweden, no taxes are paid if a car is over 30 years, modified or not)
Approved with T16 engine
Motor from 1986 model, but top from an 1992
Trim60 agg – (I suppose he mean that it is a Turbo “Trim60″ fitted)
Tuning chip from LH
Altered APC-box
Fuel pressure of 3 bars
3″ exhaust pipe from the engine
Old generation 900 InterCooler
Harder shock absorbers, and coilsprings
Chairs form Recaro
Original dashboard
extra gauges
4″ rpm-gauge with shiftlight
and so on

The car is in very good condition, but there are things to do, if you want it mint.
It will be sold with steel wheels, cos I don’t have had time to change to new og900 brakes and hubs, but a set of 16” aero wheels with polished edge can be attached for 2000 skr, or for free by trade with the right car.

What can it be worth ? I set a price for 22000skr or best offer
I’ll be glad to trade against a 9000 in good condition, MOT, and all.
Higher value when trading, and not selling.

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  1. The car is beautiful. The wheels are beautiful.
    But these wheels on this car is a mistake together, I think. It needs more retro wheels for the style.

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