New model – Saab 6000

A Saab 6000 is actually a Saab 9000 that’s only running at around two thirds of its capacity.

Like ours, until today.

I checked the transmission fluid last night and the dip didn’t register a single drop. The car was also making some metallic type noises. Thankfully (and amazingly) it wasn’t running too hot.

I say ‘amazingly’ because after checking the transmission fluid and seeing it registering as empty, I satisfied myself that this was the cause of the problem. Little did I know that as my wife drove her parents all around Hobart yesterday, the turbo oil pipe had detached and left a trail of oil all over the city.

Lucky for us, my local Saab guy wasn’t satisfied with the transmission fluid check. Two litres of tranny fluid and three-and-a-half litres of engine oil later…..

….we have a Saab 9000 again.

And it feels good.


Seeing as there’s not enough photos of the 9000 on this site, here’s one from GM’s stock. Click to enlarge.


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  1. When I took my MY01 9-5 Aero for its 150,000km service to Johannesburg, the dealer gave me a red 9000 CD automatic saloon. I guess the power output was somewhere in the region of 136kW, but boy, what a pleasure to navigate thru the early morning Johannesburg traffic on my way to Sunninghill. In fact, I found myself repeatedly driving thru town for no apparent reason as it was my first introduction to a Saab earlier than 2001. What a blast in the past!

  2. I’m relieved your 9000 is ok (as are you), Swade. Take it from someone who had to have his 9000 auto tranny rebuilt for C$3000.

    Other than the ignition switch location, I think the 9000 is one of the MOST Saab-ish cars there is. Getting into it feels like getting into a lear jet (or how I envision it anyway ….).

    Good luck !

  3. This comment did not pass last time, so here goes nothing.

    Thank you Swade. Thank you very much for allowing me to enjoy the picture of this beautiful car. I’m glad that nothing serious happened to it (apart from that ‘oil line’ in Hobart:), if it did I don’t think that my heart would bear it.

  4. Ahh, the 9000. That beautiful high-performing and practical car that got me hooked on the brand in the first place. A modern classic if you ask me.

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