New Saab Video

Again via Etienne, this is a new video from Saab for 2007.

It’s got a strong focus on design, BioPower and the future of E85. There’s some excellent scenery in this one, including some motion video of the Aero-X. Be it animated or not, it’s still good to see it in action.

Highly recommended viewing.

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  1. haha i thought the same thing. we need commercials like that in america i just think that shows the maturity of the brand rather than the kind of childish born from jets ads.

  2. I hadn’t picked the steering wheel as the 9-2x. I was just relieved they didn’t show the wheel with the batwing on it.

    I hope “move your mind” is back to stay as well.

    A really great video. Best I’ve seen from them.

  3. I completely agree!! This is the kinda’ slogan that Saab needs in the US… The born from Jets does bring interested to sports/muscle car fans, but GM hasn’t allowed Saab to flex those muscles enough yet to justify the current slogan.

    A little off topic, but how come GB and AU get the awesome looking 18″ 10-spoke turbine-esque rims for the 9-3 Aero and the US only gets 17″ rims?

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