Oh-gee 9-Three from Germanee

That’s “OG9-3 from Germany” for those that don’t get my late-night headline writing. Sorry.


Unofficial 900/9-3 appreciation month continues and today’s pic comes courtesy of Wilhelm in Germany. He’s he guy that runs the Saab Freunde website for German Saab enthusiasts.

Wilhelm bought his 9-3 in February 2002. It’s an Anniversary model with sport package, 185 HP, Saab sport roadholding kit, 17” alloys ALU36, Saab Performance Silencer, Aero steering wheel and meshed grill, all finished in cosmic blue metallic. He loved the car and drove it around 95,000 km in the time he owned it, but endured some technical problems along the way.


At around 10 000 km the rear dampers had broken down and over three years he tried 4 modifications of crankcase ventilation – the last one in April 2005. A lot of noises inside and other problems with the radio parts, ACC-Ventilation, SID 2 – but it was nice to drive it in the area of the Nürburgring, where Wilhelm lives.

Wilhelm’s now replaced it with a new SportCombi 1.9 TiD with Hirsch-Performance and 175 HP, which he bought last September. He says

it’s a very, very good car (the best Saab I drove since a 900i from 1987, I began with a 96 from 1977) and a lot better than the German cars from Audi, BMW or Mercedes Benz.

The older 9-3 we loved it more until this moment….The 9-3 had charisma.

But I think, in a few months we will love [the SportCombi] also, when we accept the diesel noises.


PS: I took the photos June, 17th 2005 at the Europe Memorial at the border of Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany, where I chanced to meet the Ardennes Rally of the Bugatti-Club Netherlands

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