Pollhattan Saab – GM or NG?

Time to get definitive.

As you may know this month is dedicated to the love of the Saab 900 of 1994-1997 and the Saab 9-3 of 1998-2002.

I’ve had a question raised as to what is the correct description for the 900 in this instance. The common variants seem to be:

“GM900” – i.e. the 900 that was eventually developed on a GM platform and released after GM took a 50% ownership stake in the company.


“”NG900” – i.e. the ‘Next Generation’ 900 that followed on from what is now referred to as the classic 900.

So, get to it – vote your little head off.


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  1. In our Hungarian forums we always say OG (Original Generation) 900 for the classic, and NG (Next/New Generation) for the 900 built after 1993.

  2. NG is bit silly because generations keep on coming.

    Everybody knows classic 900, when you slap GM into it, everybody knows what model it means then.

    Like 2003 9-3 isnt called NG9-3 I cant see any reason for NG label for 900.

    There will be who knows how many 9-3’s after this, of course there wont be any 900’s but damage is following:
    people start to use that NG/OG with other Saab models where its total dead end when third model comes.

    Sadly Saab doesnt have design numbers similar as BMW/Porsche. Or at least not very public.

  3. Given that there were only two generations of the 900, C and NG work best. GM ownership may come and go as we’ve all spoken of here.

    I’ve always puzzled over the fact that Saab retained the 900 designation on an entirely new model. Previously, the cars were different numbers — even the most similar cars (99 & 900, 95 and 96) got different numbers. Why wasn’t it 990, 9100, 9-1. etc.? 909 would have been perfect, but others had claims on that or similar numbers.

  4. Interestingly enough, eggsngrits, the internal designation for a first-gen 9-3 is a 9400, 9-5 is 9600 and 9-3 after 2003 is 9440. The next 9-5 should be the 9640. 9-2x had a special code too, but I forgot that since seeing my buddy’s 2006 release of WIS a few weeks ago. Having worked in a dealer, I also tend to refer to individual trim levels by their internal codes… like my car is a 514MSR.

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