Birthday celebrations here for our 19 year old.

I’m going bowling!!

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  1. I am older, Andy. I’m 36. The 19 year old is my stepson, Benjamin.

    It’s tenpin bolwing here.

    Benjamin was very pleased today. He’s a natural sportsman in just any game he puts his hand to, but today he reached a landmark in his bowling career.

    Today, at 19 years of age, this natural athlete finally beat his mother at tenpin bowling.

  2. Poor joke, I guess. Perhaps I should have put a smiley face after my birthday wishes, old man. BTW, we’re the same age.

    I recently took our church youth group bowling and heard about Canadian bowling which has less pins. That’s why I asked.

  3. Nah, decent joke actually – just poor perception on my part. I mentioned it to the family and they all got it straight away and called me a dimwit!

    We’ve done the Canadian bowling thing, too. Stange. Six pins and a smaller ball if I remember correctly. Ben lost to his mother there, too.

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