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From an un-named source:

An Open Letter to Saab.

Simple and pointed.

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  1. LOL!

    In reality though why would Saab take a step back to the good old days (I love those hatchbacks too!!) when they are selling more cars than ever without the hatchback. Sorry guys, the truth sometimes hurts!

    Takes cover from possible flaming!

  2. Oh, Gunnar, you and your $75,000 Peugots and Mercedes Concept cars, and about 100 other things I’ll never see, let alone drive. Let the guy live a little.

    Besides, it’s the spirit of the car that he wants to live on more than the actual car. We all want Saabs to remain Saabs.

  3. Never say never eggs. I got the point he was trying to make. Except for the fact that to a model loyalist – a new variant is almost never, ever as good as the original. The current 9-3 is supposed to be the spiritual (and actual) successor to the 900.

  4. I have a dream.
    There are many enthusiast Saab owner guys, we represent lot of different countries, professions, etc.
    My dream is to unite Saab owners all over the world and together buy enough shares of the company to have a control on GM’s policy, and push theme to maintain more traditional values of Saab.
    Wake me up, friends… ;-)))))

  5. I don’t want an old replica of old days. We have two of them already (the old 9-3 and the even older 9-5). I want something new, and I want a modern model range to choose from.

  6. I agree, hilarious!

    That said, I just picked up a 2000 9-5 SE Wagon for my wife, who loves it. If Saab would build a small, sporty hatch I would seriously consider adding that to the family.

    Still not giving up my 1992 900 Convertible, though.

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