Saab ESP video

This is a video I shot in Brisbane, January 2007.

It goes a little way in demonstrating the benefits of Saab’s Electronic Stability Program (ESP). This safety feature employs various sensors around the car, in conjunction with the ABS braking system, to control the vehicle’s braking and trajectory in the event of a loss of control.

Most ESP videos are shown from outside the car. You can see it get out of shape and lose control when the ESP if off and stay on track when the ESP is on.

I thought I’d take the opportunity to shoot this from inside the car, just to see how much you get thrown around when the car is both ESP-controlled and not ESP-controlled. I think the results will be self evident.

The driver’s comments after the ESP run (2nd run) are most illuminating with regard to the braking involved during the run.

Richo even gives his own ESP demonstration half-way through.

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  1. Swade,

    I like Richo’s impression of ESP. My kind of humor. 🙂

    I wish I could bring a colleague or friend with me to the next Saab event to film and so forth. I won’t be that lucky, just going by myself.

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