Saab getting great coverage in Oz

Here’s a photo of

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I guess the correct answer will depend on your priorities.

The important bit for this website is the newspaper. What you’re looking at there is the front page of ‘Carsguide’, the motoring section of the Murdoch Press here in Australia. And right there in full color is the Saab BioPower 9-5.

Saab held their press launches for the BioPower and Diesel ranges in Brisbane two weeks ago. I’ve done a number of videos from the event, with one still to go.

The good news is that Saab have been well-covered in the news services here, and it’s not just comprehensive coverage, it’s good quality, positive coverage.

Ethanol is a pretty much a totally new concept here in Australia and there’s been a number of scare stories passed around about it. The great thing that Saab have done with this media campaign is de-mistify E85 for Australian journalists.

Those of you that know about BioPower and E85 in general should count yourselves a step ahead of the mainstream. I was present at one of the BioPower media days in Brisbane and witnessed the motoring press getting schooled as to how the whole system worked, what the benefits of ethanol were in terms of performance and emissions. The sum total of E85 knowledge amongst the media present in the room was really quite rudimentary.

So this is leadership. Seeing the gap. Seeing the chance to advance the market and taking the lead.

So far, I’ve heard Saab say that they’ll gauge reactions and consider the introduction of BioPower from later this year. Some of these sites are claiing that Australian customers can order BioPower right now. That’s something I’ll need to check out. There will be a premium on the vehicle in the order of $1,000 to $1,500.

I’m still hoping that the minimal cost of conversion to BioPower could be absorbed by Saab Oz and they take the next step to make all 9-5s sold in Australia E85 compatible. It’d be a fitting extension to the commitments made by Saab’s already in 2007, having brought the diesel lineup and made the decision to provide a carbon offset for every car sold in 2007.

The CarsGuide story on BioPower is located here.

In addition, there’s this coverage at Carpoint, another major online source here in Australia.

And finally GoAuto provide some pretty good Diesel coverage as well as another comprehensive intro to BioPower.

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