Saab Oz – carbon neutral

How’s this for a great Australian landscape?


Saab will be doing the Australian release of the diesel and BioPower models in the next week. The release will be happening in Brisbane next Wednesday – and Richo and I will both be there.

Last time we collaborated we brought you all the inside of the Aero-X and told Bentley where to go.

The diesel and BioPower expansions are all about spreading the word regarding Saab’s enviro-credentials. Despite the fact that we can’t get E85 here, Saab are participating in the debate with a BioPower fleet that’ll be assessed by journos and government alike. There’s even a full-time BioPower 9-5 going into the Queensland government fleet.

Add to all this the news that’s just come in about Saab Australia being the first car company to go carbon-neutral.

The press release tells the story:

Saab will become the first ‘carbon neutral’ car brand in Australia in 2007 with the carbon emissions of every new Saab vehicle sold offset by the planting of new trees.

Beginning this year, Saab will purchase a one year ‘offset’ to Greenfleet for every new or demonstration Saab vehicle purchased, making Saab the first brand to offset its entire range.

Under the agreement, Greenfleet will plant 17 native trees for each vehicle, which will absorb the greenhouse gas emissions produced by a car in one year.

The trees will also help tackle salinity, improve water quality and provide essential habitat for native species.

Director Saab Australia and New Zealand, Parveen Batish, says Saab’s Greenfleet program is an important part of the brand’s environmental leadership.

“Saab has a clear commitment to ‘performance with responsibility’,” Mr Batish said.

“The Greenfleet partnership is another way for the Saab community to drive with a green conscience irrespective of which vehicle they choose.”

Specialising in reducing the environmental impacts of transport, Greenfleet began in 1997 and has planted nearly three million native trees to create permanent forests on behalf of motorists to sequester carbon emissions.

“It is really terrific that Saab has taken this very practical step to offset the carbon emissions from their whole range of cars,” said Greenfleet acting CEO Sara Gipton.

“It is so important that we all reduce our impact on the planet and Saab’s initiative demonstrates how easy it is to make a positive difference. Transport is the fastest-growing source of carbon emissions in Australia – just imagine what we could achieve if all car manufacturers were to follow Saab’s example.”

Do I have to plant a few extra trees if I drive my car really hard?

2-stroke owners please go and plant a forest.

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  1. Martin,

    Fuel sellers are permitted to sell up to E10 here in Australia. There are no companies doing that where I live though, which is an island state with no current capacity for storing the different fuel.

    E10 is available in other Australian states though.

  2. “2-stroke owners please go and plant a forest.”—still laughing
    Seriously Swade, guess I’m doubly bad. Besides wanting to drive a 2-stroke, I’ve probably cut down a forest because we heat with two wood stoves in our house, about 6 chords a year. I don’t see anything like Greenfleet in the USA. Maybe I should donate to FONA (Friends of the National Arboretum) or our local Holden Arboretum. Or even Greenfleet since trees anywhere in the world would help.

  3. Is there anyway I can get an invite to the Brisbane event? I am a local guy and a huge Saab fan- I drive a NG900, I am also a huge fan of your site… is there any way you could pull some strings and get me an invite?

  4. Unfortunately Ross, I can’t. I’ve already pulled the only string I have to get a photographer mate of mine on board. The Saab Oz people had already met him in Sydney so it was OK by them.

    I don’t want to try and stretch the friendship too far at this early stage.

    Sorry, mate.

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