Saab sales data – Britain and Germany

There’s a few bits of sales info that I haven’t covered yet. They got lost in the hoopla of global yearly figures and my week off last week.

Sales data has indeed finally trickled in and following on from a superb 2005 Saab Great Britain managed mostly to hold the ship steady in 2006, a minor decrease in sales being the final result.

Saab GB had a steady December, recording 1,809 units sold – a rise of 1% over the same month in 2005.

For the full year, Saab sold 26,962 units. This number was down around 1.8% from the 2005 figure of 27,465 which I have to add was (and still is) a record for Saab GB.

The subtext in all of this is the forecast for the future, which doesn’t look quite as promising as it could have. Saab GB were hoping to get the 9-5 BioPower to be included in an exemption from London’s hefty congestion charge scheme, whereby motorists have to pay a fee to drive through certain parts of town. The exemption was declined, so the anticipated boost for BioPower sales won’t happen in 2006.

If only Richard Branson were mayor of London…..


German sales data for December is also in:

Saab Deutschland moved 567 units of the 9-3 in December 2006, which was a healthy 29.6% increase over the same period in 2005.

Unfortunately, they only moved 87 units of the Saab 9-5. This represents a 47.9% decrease over December 05.

For the entire year, Saab moved 5,277 units, which was a 5.9% decrease compared to the 2005 figure. To put that in perspective – Saab’s 2006 sales in Germany were less that 1% of Volkswagen’s (689,116 units).

Germany is definitely a market that needs some work. It’s a big market and has got huge growth potential for a company like Saab. That aggressive new AWD 9-3 with some extra horses cannot come soon enough.

Thanks Joachim

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  1. Swade, you are right, we need a lot of action from Saab in Germany. I think the 9-3 MY 2008 will help, but the time to market for the 9-4x is toooo long, nearly all competitors have such a vehicle or they bring crossovers to market in 2007 or 2008. But the worst thing is the 9-5! Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, they all change the models in a 7-8 year product cycle, and Saab……the launch of the current model was in 1998, so we are in the 9th year of production, and nobody knows defenetly, when the next generation will start.

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